Dreams really do come true!

Last night a dozen or so kids showed up to find out what Pueblo House was all about.  By the end of the night we had witnessed what is possible when people come together and kids are given encouragement and responsibility.  The enthusiasm and creativity was beyond our own belief as these fine young men and women dreamed of all the possibilities and how one small house could change lives.  Music filled the air while every possible instrument was in use.  The kitchen and living room were filled with young people sharing their dreams and goals.  Young people who know that a better life is possible.  A few younger kids showed up and, with so much energy in the room, we decided that a good garden fresh zucchini needed to be turned into muffins.  So, the kitchen got a good work out too with all hands on deck.  We’re ecstatic watching the dream unfold….as Pueblo House is well on its way to great things and so are hundreds, if not thousands of kids who will be able to live their dream through music, art and a community of caring & empowering.

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