A wave of action produced a ripple in Pueblo

What an upbeat and positive day today. We started with a visit from Michael who offered to help do some work around PH.  Then Joe & Michael washed the “V” for our outing today (Wave of Action) and tomorrow (Bessemer Park 11 am). We then went to pick up a bunch of railway ties and split rail fencing that, thanks to Pam Parks (for putting us in touch with her friend Mary Jo) were donated.   Afterward, we headed to King Soopers to talk face to face with the citizens of Pueblo and met the most wonderful people. Within minutes met our first onlooker, Dustin. After that many more including Dorin, John & Rhonda, Sade & Jacqueline, Brenda & Hannah (Happy 16th Birthday), Greg & Tom, Lois, Lacey and Monica….all people who we thoroughly enjoyed meeting! Continue reading