The YWCA Tribute to Women

Tonight the YWCA recognized women of Pueblo who have been outstanding in the capacity of professional achievement, community service and youth leadership.

Dr. Anne Courtright (a dear friend and supporter of Pueblo House) was nominated for the Anna Taussign Award and, to her surprise and all of our delight, won for the category of “community service”.  She was nominated by Ruth Nerenberg and Jeni Dingman.

Dr. Courtright, a retired psychologist who spent much of her 35 year career at CMHIP, has been years ahead of time in treating mental illness.  After retirement, and recognizing that jails and mental institutes are dumping grounds for the mentally ill, she has been a strong advocate for better care.  

Dr. Courtright became involved in community service, advocating for the mentally ill.  Since 2000, she has been with the League of Women Voters and is currently on their State Mental Health Task Force as well as 3rd term co-president.  She supports many area non-profits, helping those people whose care is marginalized.