How about all those meetings?

We got our rose bushes fenced off and bark put down yesterday.   Ellis, Joe & John cleaned out the basement and stacked all the wood we’d brought in for the winter. I had a huge amount of paper to shuffle, organize and bookkeeping to get through, while making phone calls in between to organize trades & meetings.  The guys brought wood and supplies to the stone house so we’re ready to start. Joe got the pallets up to block the wind for our green house area. Ellis made a really nice area for Kayla at the stone house so she could shed her chain and have a little freedom

We attended the El Centro meeting Thursday night, then the Eastside Neighborhood Association meeting last night and finally the Eastside Task Force this morning at 8:30 am. I have a suggestion….how about one big meeting? So much duplication and way too many meetings! How about just one GSD working group? After that meeting today I decided to stop at the Big R (lumber, feedstock) and met the manager Helm Kraus who donated 400 sq ft of sod to do our whole front yard @ Pueblo House.

Then a visit to East High and Risley School to let them know what we’re doing and recruit some students for CO Workforce (3rd & Court St.) who will pay students from 17 – 21yrs to intern, supply bus fare and even new clothes if needed for the job. That meeting is Tuesday April 22nd @ 4:15 on the 4th floor (behind the CO Lottery building). Then it was off to get a letter to the managers of Lowe’s and Home Depot so they know what we’re doing and see about donations.   After which, I visited Glen Burke (one of our director’s) who is doing remarkably well after having a stroke the end of Jan.  He’s now back driving around town. There’s no keeping that man down. He even joined us for the ENA meeting last night.

Everyone is excited about music & art coming to the neighborhood. We’ve had offers of volunteers and people who said they would come by to see what we needed.   Thanks to everyone who helped, is helping and those who will be helping.   (JW)

Skate Park Planning for Pueblo


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Thursday we enjoyed dinner compliments of Dr. Anne Courtright at Pueblo House. She has been extremely helpful as an early contact providing assistance to the developing community space. Dinner was admittedly a quick eat and run to the meeting, but … Continue reading