Pecha Kucha has best night yet!

It was a great time at the Pecha Kucha tonight. The guests/presenters are always so interesting. This is our second one attended and they hold only 3 or 4 per year.

Tonight we gave a presentation (on all we’re doing on 5th St.) along with 6 others. Turns out the lady that spoke tonight (Sally) was the one who put in the window box outdoor library, that I took pictures of a while back. ¬†Cyndi and I were trying to replicate it here on the east side. Small world! Then a surprise when she was giving a window frame away (as part of her presentation) so someone could start another. We got it! ¬†Sweet…now the library is set to go for sure. Maybe this weekend in between halloween decorating?

Big thank you to Marcel for taking the pictures and movies tonight. We’ll put a short video together soon so we can show the great work presented this evening. (Janet)

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