The Peace Floatilla

Doug & Dorothy Gale started a beautiful thing, the “Peace Floatilla”, ¬†which has flourished and become a Pueblo yearly event. Dorothy Gale died the night of the Floatilla in 2012 and Doug just passed away this past May. I was fortunate enough to have interviewed him about his life (both in + out of the military). It was an absolute pleasure to witness all the peace flotilla’s made by young and old and then to watch them float down the river lit by candles. The Pueblo fire dept. were on hand to catch them at the other end of the river so the kids could keep their creations. Cynthia Rand made the most beautiful flotilla and then offered it up to the kids of Pueblo House to launch. We were so happy the neighbors let us take the kids to enjoy this event. It was a night to remember and we look forward to great involvement next year. (Janet)

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