Help arrives from Austin


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Things are going full speed ahead now that Joseph and Denise have arrived.  They sold their house in Austin, TX and are now RV’g around.  Both were very helpful during Occupy when I was parked in front of their house … Continue reading

Turtle oven gets a new hat!


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That Maya (CSU art director on sabbatical) is an amazing artist and worker of clay.  Monday we finished the roof/shelter for the clay oven and …wow this oven looks so cool.   She brought us a larger piece of tin for the … Continue reading

Finishing our clay/cob oven


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What a fantastic thing to see everyone (Betsy, Nita, Tim & Todd) show up and help Maya and Janet finish our turtle oven today. It sure made it go faster and the finished product was gorgeous. That Maya sure knows … Continue reading

Something big is coming to PH!

Today we met with Maya (art director for CSU-Pueblo) and started plans to make our very own cob house (looks like a little nome hut). We’ll be scouting out the materials after which, all the kids in the neighborhood and any school that wants to participate, can come out and stomp clay with their feet. It’s going to be a fun time for the community when we all come together to build something cool. Plans are to make it into an art space for the little kids to put up easels where they can paint and draw.   Stay tuned for more detail coming soon!

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We rise in the EAST!

A lively, engaging meeting was held tonight at Vazquez Taco Shop. We participated with plenty of other businesses and concerned individuals to cover many topics.   It was great to see channel 13 come out to cover all the great things coming to the east.

Click here for coverage by Channel 13

It was equally great to be part of the process of bringing fun things to Eastside Pueblo.

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