Updates week of April 21st

We’re not sure if we’re doing to have our boat painted with some funky art, or sell it and use the money to buy supplies.  We’d certainly have a lot of room to move and clean up so we can build a deck with the donated TREK decking coming. Joe’s been working on the french doors upstairs in the music house. He’s got a lot of weeding done in the gardens and some planted.  Both he and I planted lots of seedlings and will begin putting together our new green house this week.  Ellis is working on sorting the PH basement and organizing our tools and the huge piles of “stuff”.  He moved the workbench to the back and out of the way. Then made an area for crafts and paints.  He also got the front yard ready for sod and in doing so found water sprinklers.  We’re not sure if they work but we have lots of them.

Yesterday we had a visit from Eli, an electrician who is considering helping us out. We expect to hear from him soon to let us know if he will pull the permit. In the meantime the electrical box is still hanging off the back of the house totally exposed while Regional Building decide if we get to have power to the back of the house, even though a certified company did all the work.(Janet)


Whatzup on 5th St.?

We are planning a small gathering/pot luck on Feb. 8th around 6pm, so get yourselves to 816 E. 5th St. and hear Rick Stanton play guitar. Anyone is welcome to bring an instrument and play.    We’re going to give the kids & their parents some fun. It’ll be open mic night for anyone who wants to join in. With the weather so cold we’ll be inside so it might be rather cozy.

We’ll explain our plans, share some ideas, get ideas from the kids and most importantly involve the kids so many of the programs are there’s.
Today we had Renee and Bonnie visit the Pueblo House and what a great meeting of the minds!  Both had seen the article in the Chieftain. Renee (2nd visit) brought the start of a Hydroponics system and she is going to be setting us up with a grow/aquarium unit. This was Bonnie’s first time to PH and she was thrilled at what’s going on here and what we’re planning to do in future.  Her boyfriend builds chicken coops and she’s going to ask if he would supervise the building of a great coop (made from our shed).  We already have the pen and other things there.   We’re looking for some artists to work on the boat and make something out of it.  Ideas?
It’s been a whirlwind of activity here with people wanting to join in the excitement here on 5th St. in Pueblo. We have gardeners, artists, musicians and labor help all coming together to make this place unique and sustainable. We’re planning our yard and expect to have chickens soon. The gardens will be a big thing this year and we have the offer of another lot for planting if we want it. Both Renee and Bonnie know local people with varying talent, so we’re hoping they will drop by to meet us. Continue reading

Snow Falls In Pueblo


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A flurry of activity around Pueblo House since arriving late Oct.


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With all the great weather over the past three weeks we’ve managed to get a lot done. We’ve been working around the clock to get the house really cozy and warm.  With the kitchen almost done and a laundry room … Continue reading

Fall is now upon us and our li’l house is being finished.

Update…..house has gone through final inspection and our musician/artist is now occupying the house.   The plumbing and gas have been signed off.  Just a couple things left to do with electric and one wall in the kitchen.   Alais Clay is keeping the local kids busy with art.   Occupy the Roads is planning to be back in town Oct. 18th bringing in some talent for both the house and organizing. Continue reading