2015 remembered as we roll into 2016


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2015 was a great year with all that happened on 5th St. Year in Review   Urban Renewal fixed our water main & sidewalks“ & gave 3 trees. We helped get E.A.S.T. started to beautify 4th St. & East Pueblo … Continue reading

The book is here….”Where’s My Passion?” is available now!

Order your copy of “Where’s My Passion?” now available .  A story of a young boy who finds his passion at the “Li’l Red House”.

Written by Janet Wilson, Cyndi Rand and Desiree Trujillo with Illustrations by Cyndi Rand and Rod Bruntz and Janet Wilson (photographer).  Big thanks to all of those in the book and the kids from Bradford elementary school  who helped with some final pictures.  All the great photo’s we had to work with from events held during the year made this possible.   Please help support all the great things we’re doing on the Eastside of Pueblo in helping kids find their passion in life!

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Dreams really do come true!

Last night a dozen or so kids showed up to find out what Pueblo House was all about.  By the end of the night we had witnessed what is possible when people come together and kids are given encouragement and responsibility.  The enthusiasm and creativity was beyond our own belief as these fine young men and women dreamed of all the possibilities and how one small house could change lives.  Music filled the air while every possible instrument was in use.  The kitchen and living room were filled with young people sharing their dreams and goals.  Young people who know that a better life is possible.  A few younger kids showed up and, with so much energy in the room, we decided that a good garden fresh zucchini needed to be turned into muffins.  So, the kitchen got a good work out too with all hands on deck.  We’re ecstatic watching the dream unfold….as Pueblo House is well on its way to great things and so are hundreds, if not thousands of kids who will be able to live their dream through music, art and a community of caring & empowering.

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Power finally comes to the people!

Joe and I put the sod down yesterday (thank you to Big R for donating half of it) and when we ran out I purchased more which Big R so graciously delivered again this morning, so we were able to finished.   With Ellis here helping the past couple weeks we were able to get the yard ready for soil, a fence fixed and the basement organized. He left yesterday after helping unload the sod. We wish him well and thank him for his contribution while here at Pueblo House.

It took a run down to Black Hills office this morning to ensure we got our power. Now Ray is outside hooking us up to real live power, putting the meter as I type this ….yea!

Glen came to visit us yesterday and I was so thrilled to see his car behind the RV just like old times. Clyde is back and so there is a very happy Bonnie right now. Even Paul (the gardener from next door) was happy to see Glen and commented on how well he’s doing after his stroke.   Our good friends Elaine and Maggie dropped by as well so it was quite a gathering around the kitchen table with lively discussion.

Joe got the new greenhouse put together and ready for our seedlings. Just have to move the potty behind the house to free up the best location, so it’s not going to blow away!

Kayla is diggn’ her new crib and today made herself a hole in which she can lays and stay cool. She loves being out front where she can watch Joe in the garden. The neighbors have a beautiful lilac bush in bloom which is complementing our new sod. Now that we have power, we no longer have to worry about the electric box being stolen. We’re planning another outdoor concert on May 17th. Hope to see everyone out for a sing along. (Janet)

Last week at Pueblo House…..

Lots of good things happened today. Pueblo Electrics came out to assess a hook up for our music and art house with regard to electricity. It too, has been stripped of most wiring and will require a lot of work. We love that Jeremy, Kylie and Paulie (from Pueblo Electrics)  showed up way ahead of schedule to take care of us. Our big thanks to Ron and Brian (owners) who always make sure OTR is taken care of and then making it easy on our pocket book too!   You rock!
Next was a visit from Loretta Sword of the Chieftain newspaper who came by to do a profile on me & how it all started (OTR & RV”). Loretta has covered Pueblo House since inception and was very pleased to see the final project 95% completed.

Chieftain Article  “Li’l Red House” & “Occupy the Roads”

Chieftain Article  “Li’l Stone House” plans

Lastly we’ve been paying Glen regular visits, since being taken to hospital after suffering a stroke on Friday.  I found him on the floor in his kitchen when I swung by after my meeting.  He’s been plagued with a nasty cold & congestion and, in his stubbornness, would not go to hospital when encouraged by many to do so.  We managed to get him smiling and he’s recovering well in spite of being on the floor for 9 hours trying to get help.
More busy days ahead with meetings, supplies to pick up from home depot, so we can get PH house completed, only to start on the Stone House next.  We’ve been donated a filing cabinet and two bookcases which we really needed. Thank you Teresa Trujillo for making this happen.

It was a great meeting early on Friday with the folks at CO Workforce who will be working with us (through “My Youth Link”, where together we’ll be teaching and coaching kids in a variety of creative things like movie making, art, video editing, photography, etc.