League of Women Voters Pueblo-Annual Meeting


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Tonight was about “Making Democracy Work” with Judge William Martinez as the keynote speaker at the League of Women Voters annual meeting where award winners and nominees were honored.  There was a brief concert prior to the meeting by Anthony … Continue reading

Last week at Pueblo House…..

Lots of good things happened today. Pueblo Electrics came out to assess a hook up for our music and art house with regard to electricity. It too, has been stripped of most wiring and will require a lot of work. We love that Jeremy, Kylie and Paulie (from Pueblo Electrics)  showed up way ahead of schedule to take care of us. Our big thanks to Ron and Brian (owners) who always make sure OTR is taken care of and then making it easy on our pocket book too!   You rock!
Next was a visit from Loretta Sword of the Chieftain newspaper who came by to do a profile on me & how it all started (OTR & RV”). Loretta has covered Pueblo House since inception and was very pleased to see the final project 95% completed.

Chieftain Article  “Li’l Red House” & “Occupy the Roads”

Chieftain Article  “Li’l Stone House” plans

Lastly we’ve been paying Glen regular visits, since being taken to hospital after suffering a stroke on Friday.  I found him on the floor in his kitchen when I swung by after my meeting.  He’s been plagued with a nasty cold & congestion and, in his stubbornness, would not go to hospital when encouraged by many to do so.  We managed to get him smiling and he’s recovering well in spite of being on the floor for 9 hours trying to get help.
More busy days ahead with meetings, supplies to pick up from home depot, so we can get PH house completed, only to start on the Stone House next.  We’ve been donated a filing cabinet and two bookcases which we really needed. Thank you Teresa Trujillo for making this happen.

It was a great meeting early on Friday with the folks at CO Workforce who will be working with us (through “My Youth Link”, where together we’ll be teaching and coaching kids in a variety of creative things like movie making, art, video editing, photography, etc.

League of Women Voters Meeting & Final inspection ready

Today I attended a meeting at the “League of women voters” where I was invited by Dr. Anne Courtright and where Detention Chief Darlene Alcala discussed what jail personnel are doing about inmates who have mental health and substance abuse issues.  It was quite educational.  If at all possible we’d like to work with the juveniles where we can for community service and to mentor.  We’re hoping the music and art house (which we’re working on next) will keep kids busy and out of jail.    Proud to report that I am now a member of LofWV.

Then it was back to join Joe and get ourselves ready for the final inspection on Pueblo House and that happens tomorrow. Joe and I worked on “that crazy wall” until 10 tonight.   It was a flurry of activity to have all the little things ready, but we did it.  Joe got the front light and plug put in and had to chip away some brick to run the conduit.  Then we put the missing switch plates and covers on.  Followed by labeling the circuit box.  Fingers crossed that all goes well with Regional Building Inspections and we can start on the Li’l stone house next.
So happy to report that Pueblo Electrics is going to help us out again with getting electric to the SH. One plus, is that the wiring and some plumbing exists in the SH which we didn’t have in PH so it’s in better shape, but still very needy.
It’s been a long time coming and it was only through the many volunteers that Pueblo House is now ready for programs.
We’re working with many of the local groups like Teen Pregnancy-Health Care, My Youth LInk and many others. The City Planning (Wade & Beritt) will be coming by for a visit this week too and we’ll discuss historical status for both buildings (since both are over 100 years old) which will hopefully provide us with funding ability.