A radio station in the making

Today Bob Overbeck from Fort Collins came by and Kim Womantree & Noemi Morales from Pueblo were here to share and discuss some  radio station strategies.   We applied for and were approved for a “low frequency radio station” the end of last year.  Now 98.5 will be our new local broadcast station.  Kim has some journalist background and is very interested in being part of the station.  Our dream is to get a third building where we could have a “media art” space for kids to learn broadcasting and journalism.  The lively conversation and the expertise in the room, made us feel his dream might actually materialize sooner than expected.  As Noemi said, “we are building P-Town” right here on the east side.

Our aim is to bring more than the academic to kids so they can feel good about themselves and find their passion.  With a music & art space, media space and community organizing space we are well on our way to bringing some wonderful things to the east side.  Who knows…one day we might have a recording studio for kids to record their talent for free.