Video of our music & art day

There’s nothing like kids, hot chocolate, paint and music on a cold day in September.   We happen to have our event on the coldest day at only 40 degrees, but that didn’t stop the brave ones from joining in and having a little stress relief here at Pueblo House.

Check out some great singing and art here!

Musicians unite!

Musicians unite!

When the rain came, we sang & danced

Even though it was rained out we managed to have a little fun at the Li’l Stone Music House where we sang, danced and ate well.    Thanks to Jesse Basque, Salvatore Pace and especially Cat Connor who had stretched her voice to the limit the night before at Karaoke and still gave us her all.   It sure was fun.

Glen Burke was so moved by the oldies he hoisted himself from his walker + oxygen to dance with Janet.  We all love our “Old TV man” (Glen ran Burke’s TV for 50 years).

Check out the music & dancing here!

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