Guests Thomas & Jess Jessop visit

Guests came by around noon, with their bus on their way to CO Springs and eventually to San Francisco. Ellis met Jess & Thomas Jessop in a parking lot while running errands and invited them over to Pueblo House.  I wasn’t able to visit long since I had arranged to meet with Glen Burke & Elena at 12:30 but it was great to meet Thomas and his dad Jess and hear about their travels over the past few years helping find safe places for the half-homeless folks most living out of their cars. I did see some of this during my travels as well. It’s sad, that some States have the police giving out fines for someone who doesn’t have a place to go and is sleeping in their car. We definitely have a problem in this country and it’s good to see people fighting back for those who’s voice doesn’t often get heard. (Janet)

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