Snow Falls In Pueblo


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I made a few edits to one of the photos using PicMonkey (a free online photo editor).

Skate Park Planning for Pueblo


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Thursday we enjoyed dinner compliments of Dr. Anne Courtright at Pueblo House. She has been extremely helpful as an early contact providing assistance to the developing community space. Dinner was admittedly a quick eat and run to the meeting, but … Continue reading

Extended Video from Community Gathering


Thank you for the cake Cheryl!

Thank you for the cake Cheryl!

Our gathering had plenty of performing talent, with a microphone kept busy from start to finish. This video is a compilation of performances running about 46 minutes. There are short clips of some performances and full-length segments as well. Continue reading

A flurry of activity around Pueblo House since arriving late Oct.


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With all the great weather over the past three weeks we’ve managed to get a lot done. We’ve been working around the clock to get the house really cozy and warm. ¬†With the kitchen almost done and a laundry room … Continue reading