Painting, planting and buttons on May 17th -Art day

The kids had plenty to do today!  We started out with painting plaques for their own special garden area. Then we all planted seeds in a special area prepped by Joe and  thanks to Home Depot who donated the soil. Then we planted some seedlings we had started a little while ago, so the kids could actually see them breaking ground.  After that everyone designed and made their own buttons.

We had deviled eggs, cupcakes and brownies thanks to Wanda. Cheryl brought a great salad to go with our hotdogs & chili and the neighbors brought the music, their BBQ & chips for a perfect afternoon and evening.  We’re not sure who had more fun the kids or the adults?  While we weren’t able to make the live music happen, the boom box did just fine for some sing alongs and apparently dancing, when Wanda and Noemi’s gramma got their grove on!  That video coming shortly. Thank you to everyone for coming out and making it such a great afternoon. Today we made a whole lot of kids smile and we’ll be reminded of fond memories as the gardens grow.