Open house Sunday @ 4 pm

Today everyone worked really hard cleaning out the Li’l stone house (music & art center) and the yard, so we could have our open house indoors if the weather doesn’t cooperate tomorrow.   First we heard rain, then snow… so we decided to be prepared just in case.  While we managed to pick the one day of inclement weather, we’re still able to have art for the kids and we’re having some awesome artists perform music inside the house.   Today we swept, moved, cleaned, sorted, piled and hung drapery…..then sat back admiring how great our little gem is looking, even with its sad walls.

We’ll just have the acoustic guitars and singers this time.  We’ve decided to have the full band concert in May when we can set up a proper outdoor stage with that incredible sound system Rick brings.  The good news is that the house is big and has tons of room.   Continue reading