July 9th Music night in the yard.


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Tonight was a perfect night.  The musicians were outstanding!   We started out yesterday with our volunteer youths, sent to us from Darla Francisco of the Colorado Department of Labor Employment & Governor’s Summer Job Hunt Coordinator.  We sure appreciated having the … Continue reading

Housing Authority Annual Kids Day


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Today was the “Housing Authority Annual Kids Day” which we attended along with many other kids/youth groups, all occupying a booth from 1 to 4.  Cheryl, Joe and myself had a great time with plenty of kids who got a … Continue reading

A third house is now a posibility!


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Well, just when you give up on something the universe has a different idea! Our day starting with the East Side Task Force meeting this morning, where lots of good discussion took place and a chance for more funding may … Continue reading

Pickle Ball with La Gente kids & T.R.A.C.K

Today Pueblo House got to see what pickle ball is all about when Cheryl & I went to La Gente on the east side (Dogpatch), where we met T.R.A.C.K.’s  Diana Hall (who runs the mentor program) who had invited us to team up with their kids at their after school program so we could have a little fun.

So, Jim & Jerry brought the all the kids over to the basketball court across from St. Anne’s Church.   Cheryl and I drew out the court with chalk and measuring tape.  Then put up the low net and instantly we were ready to play.  It’s a cross between badminton, tennis & ping pong.   The kids had a great time and with 20 all smacking balls or retrieving balls,  it was absolutely fun to watch.  Billy G, showed up (a mentor) to take some pictures as did another gal Melissa.   All in all it was a great way to spend an hour in the sun.  A little windy at times which made it challenging for the kids, but they were happy to be out and swinging!   Thank you Cheryl Moore (retired school teacher) for getting us all out there today to learn pickle ball.

Extended Video from Community Gathering


Thank you for the cake Cheryl!

Thank you for the cake Cheryl!

Our gathering had plenty of performing talent, with a microphone kept busy from start to finish. This video is a compilation of performances running about 46 minutes. There are short clips of some performances and full-length segments as well. Continue reading