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The OTR radio station 98.5 FM will be up and running shortly.   We’re very excited about having a voice in Pueblo and also giving our youth a voice.   Jimi & Catherine will be interviewing and promoting our local … Continue reading

OTR receives a special gift

The visiting artists (Alais Clay & Brett Jones) have given the RV a most amazing makeover.  All the torn and ratty posters were removed and in it’s place some of the best art we’ve seen.  After two days of scraping and sanding they created a miracle.  Thank you to Brett Jones and Alais Clay for the beautiful gift to share with the rest of the world.

Painting the V

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CPC remembers 100 yr Anniversary of Ludlow Massacre

Attended a great meeting tonight with CPC (Colorado Progressives). The topic was based on the 100 year anniversary of the Ludlow massacre.

Ludlow Massacre details – click here

The coal miners had very little in the way of protection from big corps who used them like slaves and when they fought back many died including women and children who were burned alive. It’s a sad thing to think how this kind of thing can happen but really…are we all that much more civilized today? Crazy stuff still goes on in the name of big money influence and corps who can buy whatever, including slave labor (let’s call it that when a company earns ginormous profits and pays so little to its people). Continue reading

Updates week of April 21st

We’re not sure if we’re doing to have our boat painted with some funky art, or sell it and use the money to buy supplies.  We’d certainly have a lot of room to move and clean up so we can build a deck with the donated TREK decking coming. Joe’s been working on the french doors upstairs in the music house. He’s got a lot of weeding done in the gardens and some planted.  Both he and I planted lots of seedlings and will begin putting together our new green house this week.  Ellis is working on sorting the PH basement and organizing our tools and the huge piles of “stuff”.  He moved the workbench to the back and out of the way. Then made an area for crafts and paints.  He also got the front yard ready for sod and in doing so found water sprinklers.  We’re not sure if they work but we have lots of them.

Yesterday we had a visit from Eli, an electrician who is considering helping us out. We expect to hear from him soon to let us know if he will pull the permit. In the meantime the electrical box is still hanging off the back of the house totally exposed while Regional Building decide if we get to have power to the back of the house, even though a certified company did all the work.(Janet)


Guests Thomas & Jess Jessop visit

Guests came by around noon, with their bus on their way to CO Springs and eventually to San Francisco. Ellis met Jess & Thomas Jessop in a parking lot while running errands and invited them over to Pueblo House.  I wasn’t able to visit long since I had arranged to meet with Glen Burke & Elena at 12:30 but it was great to meet Thomas and his dad Jess and hear about their travels over the past few years helping find safe places for the half-homeless folks most living out of their cars. I did see some of this during my travels as well. It’s sad, that some States have the police giving out fines for someone who doesn’t have a place to go and is sleeping in their car. We definitely have a problem in this country and it’s good to see people fighting back for those who’s voice doesn’t often get heard. (Janet)

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