Weeds, Prayer and Stairs!


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Jimi tackled a whole bunch of weeds on the back alley side of the fence. Man those things sure grow…and without much water too. Pastor Paul Montoya and the Victory Outreach folks came by this morning to give a little … Continue reading

Getting all creative at the music house


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It was another productive week with Janet & Jimi putting up donated meat trays on the ceilings to hide old crumbling paint. Then murals added in the music room and kitchen walls. A beautiful mural was drawn out up the … Continue reading

A great week in review


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We had a great week here at Pueblo House starting with a few youth arriving who wanted to paint our ugly old boarded up house that we were hoping to make into a media space. Since we don’t have the … Continue reading

Boys & Girls excited about house #3


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We did plenty yesterday with all the youth, Janet & Rose working really hard at Pueblohouse to clear the grounds and get ready to start painting house #3. The kids and Janet tackled the ugly old media house yard to … Continue reading

Open mic and family fun!


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What a great day with all the kids, adults and musicians who came out last night. Finally, we got our checkerboard table up and most of the kids wanted to play, but we only have one set right now. It … Continue reading