Needs of the Stone (Music & Art) House

Work that needs to be completed on the stone house:

  • Electrician for wiring
  • Painters for interior and artists to do murals/art on walls
  • Plastering & cement filler
  • Walls repaired (plastering) & wood trim sanded and painted
  • Fascia board painting (in spring) for eves & eves trough along outside roof
  • Flooring (linoleum) for part of kitchen
  • Painting needed on inside baseboards and some door trim upstairs
  • Door hardware (mostly the old long ones) & locks.
  • Stain glass or deco glass for a 2ft x 2 ft square
  • Nails & screws, hinges and locks (odds & ends you might have hanging around)
  • Seeds for flowers, etc (going along fence-Hudson side)
  • Welder, table saw

Supplies needed once the renovations are done:

Linens – bedding & blankets
Small tables -utility & folding tables-folding chairs
Dishes, silverware, utensils, pots & pans, cookie trays,
Bowls, glasses, oven wear, serving dishes, towels, rugs & mats,

Books for our library, records or any electronic equipment
Computers, media equipment, sound proofing for lining walls, microphones,
and cord bars, games
Musical Instruments & music sheets & stools
Material or fabric for crafts or curtains or screen printing (old sheets will work too)
Art supplies for the kids (canvas, leather, chalk, egg cartons, paper roll inserts)
Paints & brushes (for crafts and for painting rooms)

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Skills needed: