Radio/Media Camp week!

We started our first radio/tech camp. We were able to give quality hands on training to two lucky youth this week. They learned about radio, had a little history lesson in radio (short wave vs long and some other very interesting things even I didn’t know), then they went live on air with Jackie Massey, after which they put a music compilation together and Tony aired a great classical show, all in the first day. Tuesday we played with video editing and Tony did another live show. Wednesday we hooked up a green screen thanks to Frank Cordova who’ll taught some cool techniques and Jimi set up the recording studio so Jadon could record his music. Stan got some equipment working too and then he learned editing on a Mac. Tony put together another playlist and did a live show with Jackie and David Trujillo (who does our Pulse show). The boys are picking up really fast and looking forward to each day as we teach new things. Big thanks to Janet, Jackie, Pat, Stan and Frank for making this an over the top experience.

It was another fun filled day on Thursday with Jackie teaching radio, programming and creating playlists while Frank and Janet taught filming and movie capturing & editing. The day ended with an interview from Efrain Tapia, who is a most interesting teacher at PSAS. That interview coming soon to KOYC radio. Tomorrow is our final day of this media camp. We’ll be doing another camp July 15-19 for those who would like to sign up. One more will take place in August, with a date to be announced soon.