Media center on its way

Pueblo House thanks Stan Clark, Pat Grubbs, her 2 sons (Jay& Joe) along with their friend Kyle, Mat and Jimi and Janet for getting the junk/garbage loaded in the dumpster, chairs moved and computers in place. The yard looks great and so does the computer room. Thank you Ricky for helping as well when you stopped in. All the little school desks are now in the art room at the art house and all the computers are ready to be hooked up in the media space. Most of these were donated by Tim Roush so thank you Tim. Pat is going to paint another youth chair too, two have already been artistically adorned, lol. Art Martinez got the carpet straightened in the large conference room then he and Stan put the baseboards down. They even had some furniture gathered up and in place. We’re missing a tub chair cushion if anyone has an extra one we’d be grateful for the donation. This would not have been possible without the donation of a dumpster from C& C Disposal.

Every day at the media house, when something is finished, we’re reminded of what it was like when we started. We’re on our way to finalizing the media house and ready to host some eager youth.

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About Janet

Janet has a finance background and works as a bookkeeper part-time for BNL Clean Energy Inc. Janet is a strong advocate for social and economic justice, and wants the voice of the people (all people) to be heard. She believes in strong Communities to promote a better future. Her vision is to bring art, music and education to the East Side neighborhood of Pueblo. Janet is on a mission to make 5th St. unique, vibrant and sustainable... through food growth, community programs and a better education for children. She wants everyone "to find their passion" in life.