Last week @ Pueblo House(s)

Plenty was done last week, and we’re so much closer to getting the computers & recording equipment in place at the Media House. We’ll be putting in the sound material in the recording room and happy to have help offered from Carl Lucero who donated the soundproofing. Our cello arrived this week too! It’s a student size perfect for young artists.

Stan has been extremely busy painting the main floor with the help of Art Martinez and Pat Grubb, who painted the large room upstairs soon to be a conference room. Stan built a workbench downstairs with the wood from a platform that was removed from that room. He also got the carpet ready to install (laying it out to get the wrinkles out) and now we’re just waiting on a shower (Lowe’s are considering donating one) for the main bath upstairs. Art and Stan have done a lot of drywalling and painting these past few weeks and we’re so very grateful for all they do. Tom Printz donated a new water heater and Dr. Parks donated more CD’s.

Mat Taylor has been busy painting the music shed and wow…it’s colorful and surely not missed as you travel down Hudson between 4th and 5th St. Please check it out if you can. He’s getting ready to paint the cement grey space on the media house and then he will be tackling the art house, where he’s staying while he paints the murals. Kayla (PH dog) is happy to have the company and the frequent walks Mat takes her on.

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