Updates on our Media Center

KOYC Radio: We were able to purchase a (new to us) mixer board for the radio station from the First Methodist United Church and now we can have a few mics while recording live. We purchased a new microphone specifically for live recordings and it’s working great. We have added some new shows. Check out KOYCradio.com for more about the radio.

Media House Update: Sadly, Randy Kurtz had to dig another foot down, so we could pass code for our water line to the media house. Because we had buried the new line previously, they couldn’t save the water pipe already in place at the 3ft level, so Rampart donated another 100 ft of plexus tube. About 1/4 way through Randys machine broke an oil line so we were postponed a week. We wondered why the city wouldn’t make an allowance and let us keep our join to the city (where the water line had been for over 75 years) since every house on the block is at the same depth. Was it really necessary to dig up an entire 30 or 40 ft again to go down another foot, when the frost line in Pueblo is at 2ft? What about the city water connection which is at 3 ft. since that’s where we attach? Are they going to force us to tear up a brand new sidewalk? This is absurd. We should have been able to be grandfathered in at best! Just another huge delay and another big expense for us. We happy to report that finally, on Feb 22nd, we were approved to leave the city join at 3ft and were grandfathered in after reinstalling the pipe and access to the house at 4ft. Finally we will have a water meter this coming week.

Stan picked up a whole lot of donated supplies from Rampart (we sure do appreciate their dedication to our project and supporting the community) so we could get the water lines and more sewer connections in. We pleased to report that most of the sewer now installed. Jacks have been placed under the house to give additional support to some beams. Art & Stan have been working on the drywall, getting ready for paint. We’re getting close to putting the floors down and will start setting up equipment. Won’t that be exciting.

We have some great news! Mathew Taylor is residing in the Pueblo Art/Makers House, in exchange he will do murals and signs for Pueblo House(s). He’s also interested in helping run classes for art techniques as time permits. We’re happy to have Mat here and part of the Pueblo Creative Houses for Youth. . 

Door painting therapy! This door sat out behind the music house all last year and through this winter. Finally we decided to give an old door a new old look, because the size is perfect for the top of the stairs in the music house. That will keep the noise down during live radio shows upstairs.

Nothing like paint to totally transform a room. The kitchen cupboards were disgusting, but after scraping, washing and painting (where did all the soot come from?) and eight hours later, didn’t even get to the bottom cabinets. Stan got the kitchen floor cleaned (Art helped clean the first round of crud) and he put two layers of polyurethane on top. And just as we imagined it would, it looks great. Amazing what you can do with old floors. It will certainly do the deed and hold up good enough for all the trampling it’s going to get. Thanks Stan, for getting the small bathroom downstairs all ready to go as well. This week we hope to be painting rooms and putting carpet and floors down. Painting will be much easier with water, albeit we haven’t a hot water heater yet. Hoping Lowe’s come through for us with a donation, hint, hint.

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