Progress on the Media House

Stan’s done a tremendous amount on the media house. The water pipes are inside now and waiting hookup to the water main which has been repaired thanks to Randy Kurtz. The gas line was inspected and we now have gas, if only we had a furnace!   We have electricity though…wow!

Art has been working on the drywall, tiling and getting the kitchen and middle room ready. Painting has started on the main floor and soon the carpet tiles will go down.  A media center coming soon thanks to Stan, and Art for doing some amazing work and volunteering all their time.   We look forward to showing the before and after pics once it’s done.

Randy Kurtz, his sister Tracy and her husband (running the machine-who came from east of Springs to help) dug the water lines and put tubing in at the media house.

We thank our story readers: Cate Mugais, Jimi Ray, Janet Wilson, Ben, Tommy, Stan & Paula Pryich who read for our “Story Time”(7pm to 8pm Monday’s and Wednesday) especially for the youth on our KOYC radio 98.5FM.   Jackie (and sometimes guest Marlow) is doing a great morning talk show.   We’re always looking for content and story tellers so give us a call if interested.

We’re still putting in the last of the CD’s donated by Dr. Parks.  All that new music has  made the radio station amazingly great!  We thank Pam for donating all that music.

Thankfully the weather has been very kind to us during this process and we’re so grateful. Thank you Randy for coming to the rescue and to our friends at Rampart Plumbing Supplies who donated all the supplies needed!  Thanks to everyone who participated to make this a very productive week and all those who donated to make it happen.

Thank you Carl Lucero (Perfect World Recording Studio in Pueblo) for the donation of sound wall barrier tiles for our recording room. That was so nice of you and we appreciate and will definitely put those to good use.