More progress at Pueblo House

We’re making great progress on the media space, however we didn’t pass the electrical roughed in inspection because some things have changed and it’s now costing more and requiring more to meet code.   Having all arc circuit breakers are one of the changes and we’ll require a kill switch because the electric box is inside and the meter outside.  Lowe’s called saying the two new small bedroom windows (that we custom ordered) were in and Stan now has put them in already.  Real working windows!  Wow.

If we get this house finished it will be a miracle, given the roadblocks we face, and that we’re working on a very small budget, and using volunteers who give us their time.   We thank Stan Clark and Art Martinez for giving their time to this cause.    I just found a plumber who is willing to come and offer some advice on how to proceed in that area.



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Janet has a finance background and works as a bookkeeper part-time for BNL Clean Energy Inc. Janet is a strong advocate for social and economic justice, and wants the voice of the people (all people) to be heard. She believes in strong Communities to promote a better future. Her vision is to bring art, music and education to the East Side neighborhood of Pueblo. Janet is on a mission to make 5th St. unique, vibrant and sustainable... through food growth, community programs and a better education for children. She wants everyone "to find their passion" in life.