Yard Event with Bois D’Arc

Our yard event with a variety of musicians was a great success.   We thank everyone who joined us on this evening to watch those perform on the stage.  Our thanks to Jimi Ray, Nolan Smith & Bois D’Arc for providing some awesome entertainment.

We’re changing up our program starting in a couple weeks with our early Tuesday evenings dedicated to teaching youth guitar and drums.   We’ll be collaborating with Risley Middle School to find those youth interested in learning an instrument from some of the best musicians in Pueblo who have offered to help at Pueblo House.  While the weather is still good we’ll be having group lessons from 4-6:30 on the lawn and stage.   If you have a youngster interested in learning to play either guitar or drums please get in touch with us.  We will still have an open mic opportunity later for musicians to jam after from 6:30-8pm.

Thanks again to the musicians who make so much happen at our Pueblo Music House.  We have some other programs starting soon.  Art and sewing will also be starting this fall.