Update on progress….house #3

Our little media space is getting a good start with Stan at the helm of that ship.  He’s been painting, wiring, plumbing and just about everything in between that an old dilapidate house, that’s been neglected for years, would require.

We’ve been buying doors, windows, paint, tools, hinges and a whole lot more as we can find the dollars.  We now have a mailbox and can received letters/mail but more likely it will be bills!

Our media house is looking awfully nice these days and while there’s still plenty to do we have Stan forging on with the energy of a 30 yr old.  We don’t have to remind ourselves that we’re all over 60 because our bodies are quite willing to do that at the end of the day, lol

Thank you Stan and to Jimmy Workman who came to our rescue with a chain saw and Jimi Ray (who cleaned out the music shed and assisted Jimmy with branch cutting.  We’d like to thank First Methodist Church Sunday School who donated a scissor lift to Pueblo House.  This made painting and tree trimming so much easier.  Thank you, thank you, thank you to all who continue to get us closer to our goal of a media fun space for youth.

Thanks to Art Martinez we have some help for Stan.  He has a variety of skills and knows drywall along with taking care of yards which he’s also been helping us with.

We’re seeking interns/students, who would like to participate either via technology help, or running programs.  Please get in touch via our FB page.

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