We get by with a little help….

Diallo has been helping organize and log music 🎼🎵 from all the cds donated by Dr. Parks. While logging we had a long discussion about what the youth his age would find interesting.  His insight and the conversation were very helpful.  We always felt there was very little for those between the ages of 13-18, now we’re positive and with our vision and the help of volunteers we’ll have a chance to do a better job filling the void. This is the critical age where a youngster can find passion or trouble.   There’s no doubt, that the path we’re on at Pueblo House, is going to make a huge difference by giving space to our teenagers to be free and creative. 

We’re working hard to get that third house up and running, because that’s the space that will be best suited to teens ages 13-18.  With computers, a green screen, a recording studio and more,  it will be open and free and also much less structure so it’s they who’ll decide when and what they’ll do.  Socializing with friends in a positive space,  free of bullying and no “little kids around!” which is what we’re hearing as a resounding request. Diallo said he found this movie worth sharing: “The Mask You Live In” ..it’s on Netflix!

Diallo helping organize cd’s

Lot’s and lots of CD’s donated by Dr. Parks

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