Stan Clark’s amazing work

We, at Pueblo House(s) are so very grateful that we have Stan Clark working/volunteering his time to make the 5th St. Creative Space a reality.  Stan has done so many projects around here, that if not for him we’d not have a second let alone a third house (in process) renovated.  This man has given so much of his time it’s hard to fathom.  Most recently he has duplicated the intricate works from 100 years ago, by making new starbursts for the media house @ 812 East 5th St.   Eleven starbursts now adorn the front porch replacing broken and missing squares.  Stan with his bandsaw managed to recreate replicas of this historic design.

Later in the week Jimi and Janet found the (almost) perfect window for the top front room so we could remove another board.  Stan, Jimi and Cage lifted it into place and Stan secured it with screws on a scaffolding we made.   Looking good for sure.