From Shabby to Chic…No more Ugly House!

Our volunteers showed up just before 9am and after a tour of our houses and a brief outline of how Pueblo House started, they donned their gloves and 1/2 of them started painting the outside of our shabby house while the other half cleared the yard of our third and final house, soon to be a media creative space for youth.

This transformation currently on its way, is thanks to Karen Howe, from the First United Church of Arvada, who arranged this work project and brought all the volunteers who came out from Arvada  to help us.  This tired old house is having a major face lift.   It will no longer be the ugly duckling on 5th St.  It’s amazing what paint and elbow grease does.

First United Church of Arvada

During the last half of today’s work we finished up painting trim and called it quits around 2:30pm.  What an enjoyable bunch to be around, and all were so happy… even while working.  Tomorrow we’ll finish up adding the soft green and the rest of the trim.

Thanks to united Rental we have scaffolding but weren’t sure how to put it together until Pat Howard showed up and tackled that job.  Thanks to Sherwin Williams and Lowes for donating the paint and big thanks to NeighborWorks who ensured we had plenty of paint brushes and they also lent us their ladders and rakes.