Future Media Center

Welcome to our third project.  Another donated house being fixed for the youth of Pueblo.  We’ve been working hard on the outside of this beautiful historic house.  Soon it will be painted & restored, so that it’s no longer an eyesore on 5th street.   This poor old house has been boarded up for over 7 or 8 years.   Of course, like all abandoned houses, it’s been trashed inside.  We’ve cleaned, fixed windows, doors and trim (via the work of Stan Clark) and now just waiting on our city to give us the needed permit to wire and plumb the inside.  In the meantime we’re preparing to make the outside as lovely as it once was in its day.   With the help of 20-25 volunteers coming June 25/26th we’ll be painting the entire house.

Once the inside is done, it will be an active community space full of technology, providing a a place for youth to learn new things.  From green screen, to programing for our radio station, many on line computers and even creating our own games, the possibilities are limitless.  We’re hoping to have a recording studio eventually.  We’ll be engaging young people and exposing them to things they might not otherwise have a chance to experience, and all for free!

If you have a shared vision, want to collaborate or would like to volunteer or give a donation please get in touch with us,  or donate through our website paypal link on the front left of the main webpage.  Thanks to all who have made this possible, especially Stan Clark and Pat Howard who have done so much to get us to the finish line.