Whatzup… this week at Pueblo House?

Saturday morning we found two of our cameras off. As it turned out a squirrel had eaten through the wires.   But then good news,  when Stan showed up with the materials to fix the wires and get us back up and running.

Saturday evenings jam brought Jake and Carlos (both we met at the “Pueblo Has Talent” contest.  These fine young men played music to air on the radio and even edited the show to be ready for airing.  Jake has offered to help with editing down the road.  Plenty of talent is coming to the Pueblo Music House and we couldn’t be more excited to share their talents with all our listeners of KOYC Radio 98.5 FM.

On Sunday the two boys showed up ready to work.  Sabrina joined in to help with yard work around Pueblo Art House.  We fixed the fence, took tarps off the shed and then Stan showed up after church with pizza…perfect timing!   The boys helped to plant the 7 raspberry bushes that Maya dropped off  (a nice surprise drop.) What a gal she is and we thank her so much for giving us some fruit bushes from her own garden.  In the future we hope to be able to make some jam with the kiddo’s.   After paying the boys a few dollars, we had a small chat about how important it is to clean up all tools when done. Then we talked about money, saving a portion and the responsibilities that come with running a small business.  Yes, they are starting a small business to help homeowners with yard work.  All those seniors and veterans who might need help are encouraged to call for help (very reasonable too).   We made flyers for them to take around the eastside.

This past Tuesday evening we enjoyed listening to two young artists, one of whom we met at the “Pueblo Has Talent” contest.  Both Steven Vigil and Zach Peterson performed their songs, so we could record and share on the radio.  Both are familiar with editing so have offered to help us out and we’re very grateful for that.

We found a kitchen window and back door for the “soon to be” media house at Habitant.  We’re making some good progress this week.