Help is on the way!

Plenty of busy days this past week, starting with lots of editing needed.  Then we received a call (thank you Nancy Hazlett) from  CDOT, who donated a bunch of office supplies, plants and pictures to PH.   From those four drooping plants we ended up with 7 after repotting and transporting some crowed ones to new pots.

Then a huge pot of red chili was whipped up for music night Tuesday 6-9.  Mike Polk sang some amazing country tunes.  Another musician [Brandon Larson (drummer)] was interviewed for the radio.  Hopefully we convinced, shy Mike Polk to give us an interview and record some of his tunes too.

Jimi organized the music room, cleared a whole lot of stuff away from the driveway and all that was piled up under the tree, then moved the donations from Lowe’s to the media house.  Afterward we watered our new fruit trees and tulips, which are sprouting everywhere and should make the music house a beautiful spectacle of color this spring.  

It’s another busy week in the studio, starting with Bridget Biyearly, who will be doing a series of shows on Social Security…all you wanted to know. She will provide a whole lot of information and answer all your Social Security questions, so we can air it on the radio for our listeners.   Feel free to call in your own questions 719-404-3750 and we’ll make sure we cover them.   Air times will be posted on the KOYC Radio FaceBook page in advance. 

We have another gentleman (Jaun Fedredico Miguek Arguelli Trujillo) will be making his way to the radio station Friday morning to discuss the Chicano movement, the El Movimiento Closing Celebration which happens Sat. and more of the resistance in Colorado.  Be sure to tune in…announcements will be made prior to airing.

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