This past week at Pueblo House

It’s been a whirlwind of things happening at the Pueblo Media House this week (and last).  We’ve cleared out the basement in this third building, getting ready to work on the electrical and plumbing.    As with the other buildings we’ve renovated,  when they sit for any length of time, we find ourselves filling a dumpster with junk, dirt and remnants of a homeless camp.   This one is no exception.  A lot of the drywall has been punched out, copper pipes ripped out and electrical cords missing.   We’re basically starting from scratch.

We’re extremely thrilled to have Waste Connections donate a 20 yard roll-off for the trash and to Dave Roberts of Taco Stop who allows us the use of his dumpster when needed. Our friends at Lowe’s will be helping us again with paint and other donations to make this “media house” a reality.  Without the support of local businesses we would not be as far along as we are today.

Tim Roush and Patrick Pulis set up our donated computers, thanks to the Optimist Club for their $500 donation toward computers and software programs.  Thanks to Patrick, Jessica and Donna for helping to organize the creative space in Pueblo House so we have room for youth to move around.  Thanks to the Lowe’s family for the donation of craft supplies (2nd time) which also got organized by the volunteers.

While we wait for the lengthy process of getting a permit (which we’re told is “normal” for Pueblo) we’ll continue to clear, clean and remove debris from both the house and yard.  Stan Clark is helping us get the house up and running when the time comes.  For now we’ll keep organizing our supplies and the two basements where tools and supplies are kept.  We always welcome volunteers to help with our projects.

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