Donations and Volunteers making things happen on 5th St

It’s been really great around here with everyone working hard at what they do best.

With all the musicians in Pueblo it’s not hard to find talented individuals whose music we are bringing to our radio station 98.5 FM LP.   Michael Comora is ready to give music lessons to any youth who would like to learn guitar. Jimi has been arranging music and calling on musicians to get their music to us.

Yesterday Stan did a whole bunch around here as usual and cleaned out the basement in the 3rd house (812 E 5th St.) so we could have a professional assess the foundation and other issues.  Jim Valentine came by to give that assessment and help us forge a plan of attack since the wall is bowing.  Turns out Jim too, is a musician and connected to a few players around CO.

Today Jonathan is here, putting some donated styrofoam insulation in the music shed. Last weekend he designed a walkway with some donated marble we’ve had hanging around for a couple years. Donna, Patrick and Tim are putting together creative space programs for kids, including computer designing programs which we’re starting soon.

I want to thank our anonymous donor from Springs who just donated the funds needed to pay the tax lien on our music house property. This came about after he saw the TV report I did a couple days ago. He decided to donate the amount needed, so we could join the properties as one (as it should be) and be free of this ridiculous city lien, allowing us to concentrate on all the wonderful things we have going on here. We’re giving a huge heartfelt thank you to this wonderful man who stepped up to help us. And thanks to Katie @ KRDO for taking interest in us and making the issue public so others can see what obstacles we are facing on a continuous basis, in a city that we hope will start to help the poor in a more positive way.