Last week in review

Donna brought over a movie (suggested this on the projector outside and a venue around tiny tents for Halloween) which is fantastic.  We’re going to host a movie/fun night at the Pueblo Music House equipped with mini drive-in theater on stage and pup tent animal houses giving out treats.  All this for the kids on Sunday evening starting with games and popcorn.   Hope to see you there.

Stan Clark made us an awesome mailbox holder. He’s gotten all creative and we love that we now have a locking box for our mail thanks to him.

We David Etheridge stop by the studio to recite some poetry and play his harmonica and guitar for us. His son is a famous sax player in Oregon (Patrick Lamb). I’ve put his first two poems on the radio. He is our radio stations biggest fan and can’t say enough good things about what we’re doing. We were thrilled that he came by toting his oxygen tank and walking quite a way to get here. Thank you David Ethridge for sharing your poems & music with Pueblo via the radio. Listen in to 98.5 FM LP to hear Davids sonnets.

Open Mic last Tuesday we had a blast with the kids making deep fried pickles (that we’d made from the garden) followed up by smoothies (berries, spinach, kale blend) with coconut milk.  It was definitely fun in the kitchen as we were serenaded by music with Rose, Ember, Eddie and Jimi in the other room.


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Janet has a finance background and works as a bookkeeper part-time for BNL Clean Energy Inc. Janet is a strong advocate for social and economic justice, and wants the voice of the people (all people) to be heard. She believes in strong Communities to promote a better future. Her vision is to bring art, music and education to the East Side neighborhood of Pueblo. Janet is on a mission to make 5th St. unique, vibrant and sustainable... through food growth, community programs and a better education for children. She wants everyone "to find their passion" in life.