Bullying, Drugs & Suicide talk with teens

Yesterday we interviewed three brave girls (Frances, Angelique & Destiny) who talked openly about their experience with bullying and teen suicide. This interview was aired today6pm on 98.5 FM LP station KOYC (own your community). This was quite an eye opener. We live in some crazy times, through which kids are doing their best to cope. KOYC radio is giving these young ladies an hour show weekly, to help reach those teens who feel they want to give up living. We’re excited to see them get started and hear what they’re planning for THEIR show. Please visit our FaceBook page for scheduling times: KOYC Radio

Today we had another group of 12 youth come to the studio to discuss schools, bullying, suicide, drugs and other topics. Thank you Donna Gonzales for, not only arranging this meeting, but then bringing most of the group to Pueblo House so they could talk we us. Their voices will be heard! Tomorrow at 6pm we’ll be airing this interview on 98.5 FM LP.

We’re going to start putting the days agenda in KOYC Radio FB page KOYC Radio on FaceBook starting Monday so you can find out when tune in to hear your favorite show.

If you’re not able to tune in to our radio station 98.5 FM LP you can hear either of the interviews on soundcloud here: Frances, Angelique and Destiny-Suicide Prevention and Real kids Talk about Suicide, Gands and Bullying

Francis (14), Destiny (15) and Angelique (14)

Kids who came Thursday to talk about school (drugs, bullying, suicide)

Donna (certificates she made for the kids)

Gathering in the studio at KOYC Radio

All the youth who participated in the discussion

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