2017 East Pueblo Cinco de Mayo Parade PHOTOS

Pueblo House and KOYC Radio are pleased to bring you the Cinco de Mayo Parade and Festivities this year. The parade started at Safeway and headed west on 8th St.right into El Centro del Quinto Sol (Skate Park). We had pony rides, face painting and free hotdogs for kids, musicians brought you plenty of knee slapping foot stomp’n music and the Grupo Folklorico Dancers entertained at 11 am. This was a fabulous family day and the weather was on our side until about 2:30 before the rain started! Regardless Ozi played on to keep the entertainment going.

Thank you to everyone who helped with the Cinco de Mayo Parade and Festivities. Thanks to Cat & the CouRoSpan Band and Ozi of the Spankers Band who helped keep the music going throughout the event. Everything went very well and good comments were being relayed to the volunteers, throughout the day, about how much people enjoyed themselves. El Centro Quinto Sol park was perfect and the pint size Folklorica dancers were darling.

The Chieftain did a good job covering it too, thanks to Zac. We thought it went smoothly and the police officers sure gave us lots of support (pretty much every intersection covered).

We’ve already got some great ideas for next year and we encourage other folks to join in and help organize it. Thank you Yvette, Cisco, Travis, Jimi and Joe for helping with the barricades. Thanks to Frankie and Floyd for helping with the cars and parade line up. That took
a huge load off the rest of us to focus on parade and park. Catherine, Patrick and Travis who did faceprinting all day and Nita who got out the chalk for the walk, did a great job and all the musicians who performed, thank you.

Joseph (the man behind the camera) captured a perfect day! Denise Valdez (wo)manned the table and gave out a whole lot of information about Pueblo House. <3 for Cinco

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