Lowe’s comes through again!

Lowe’s worked from early morning until late yesterday, putting in the sprinkler system. Jeff Pinkert the manager of Lowe’s southside spent the whole day, first with a time saving ditch witch (appropriate name for halloween) that was donated from Grand Rental….thank you Tom.   All the trenches were dug and then all the pipe laid along with fittings and sprinkler heads.  With the help of Michelle and Kevin, who came equipped with a chain saw.  Kevin took out dead branches around the yard at the music house and then took a dead tree, that was crowding the sidewalk, from the front of the Media House.  Then we carried off the branches to use for kindling and Kevin cut the trunk into fire pit size pieces for us. These 3 people work harder than most and have done a tremendous job taking care of Pueblo House over the past few weeks.  It’s not over….the horseshoe pit will be finished in a week or so.  We sure could use some help (with a piece of equipment) to help remove some very hard dirt so we can get one of the ends level with the other. After that the dance floor/checker board will go in and the pebble stone around the stage, fire pit and around the horseshoe pit. We all worked until the trick or treaters started coming around.  We met another artist her mom and sister who are thrilled to know this is coming.  They just moved here to Fountain and 5th St. area.    There’s no doubt this is going to be a very busy and fun place for the community.  Volunteers are very much needed!

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