Lowe’s are starting the stage Oct 21st

Lowe’s are starting the stage on Wed. Oct. 21st. They will build it, then on that Sat. 24th we will have a huge “stain the decks” * “build the fence” day. We’re going to work in conjunction with Lowe’s to do all the building and painting. Anyone willing to help on either day would be very welcome. LOWE’s are sending out 4 or 5 people to build the stage, horseshoe pit, fire pit and seating area. We’ll need lots more people to help & then lift the stage on to the pylons.   “No more instruments sitting in the mud!”  And no permit will be required since it’s less than  10 x 20 sq. ft.
All the boards for the fence we’re planning to build were supplied by McComb Lumber. We’ll be putting up the fence and then painting it (hopefully with sprayers from NeighborWorks) before the weather gets too cold. The fences will be behind Pueblo House and the Media House….. so awesome! We’ll paint a solid color (from paint donated by Lowe’s and SOCO services & Recycling), then in spring (or sooner) we’ll invite kids to paint murals on both.

Lowe’s have also donated a tankless hot water heater, electrical boxes, a big dolly, and all the wiring for the music house on top of what they’re doing in the yard. We <3 LOWE’s for bringing us on their HERO programs and giving us so much, especially grateful for all the time that Jeff and Michelle (both in the Southside store) have given to making the Music House possible. If we’re lucky we can have a celebration and christen the stage with some entertainment….hint, hint…my birthday is the 26th. Party Time? (Janet)

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