New this week at Pueblo House(s)

This was a busy week for all of us at Pueblo House.   Starting with Scott & Donna from “Edible Planet”, who picked up & delivered with his truck, 200 fence boards that were donated by McComb Lumber Mill (big thanks to them (AMY & others) for sharing our vision).  We’ll definitely be having a fence building party only to be followed by a fence mural party for both Pueblo House and our newest addition the Media House.

2015-09-23 17.30.47

John Camilli and Chris Rudy cleaned and organized the living room & basement at Pueblo House.  Now you can actually find tools and things.  I’ll admit it got a little out of hand with two houses being worked on and not knowing where things were placed.

2015-09-22 12.13.322015-09-22 21.48.32

A new wheel for the wheelbarrow….finally!2015-09-22 12.13.41 Mike put the swing back together….yippee.  Love that swing! Too bad Kayla chewed one seat.2015-09-22 12.13.48

Then it was off to the Rawlings Library to take in the sights and sounds of “Makerspace” as we watched 3-D printing take place.   The organizers of this wonderful event have agreed to 3-D print the chess pieces for our checkerboard/park when it comes to fruition on 4th St.

IMG_8032  IMG_8034 IMG_8039 IMG_8042 IMG_8043 IMG_8044

We had a new volunteer join Pueblo House.   A.J. has a creative flair too and is looking forward to helping with murals, organizing and planning the Halloween party on the 31st.  Welcome A.J. and thank you to his mom Virginia for bringing him out to meet us.

2015-09-25 14.22.42



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