Pecha Kucha has best night yet!

It was a great time at the Pecha Kucha tonight. The guests/presenters are always so interesting. This is our second one attended and they hold only 3 or 4 per year.

Tonight we gave a presentation (on all we’re doing on 5th St.) along with 6 others. Turns out the lady that spoke tonight (Sally) was the one who put in the window box outdoor library, that I took pictures of a while back.  Cyndi and I were trying to replicate it here on the east side. Small world! Then a surprise when she was giving a window frame away (as part of her presentation) so someone could start another. We got it!  Sweet…now the library is set to go for sure. Maybe this weekend in between halloween decorating?

Big thank you to Marcel for taking the pictures and movies tonight. We’ll put a short video together soon so we can show the great work presented this evening. (Janet)

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