SERPD & a look at Trinidad, CO

During our time visiting Trinidad, CO this past week, we found out plenty about the city and all it has to offer. On the final day I attended the round table sessions, where I delivered our cause (Pueblo House) to big funders like Daniel’s Fund, Boettcher, El Pomar and others. After hearing the “pitch” they would give a green, yellow or red depending on whether they thought you had a chance if submitting a grant request. We’re happy to report that we received 5/5 green lights and can’t wait to get rolling on that process. All we need is a good grant writer now and we’re on our way to big things.

While at the southeast regional philanthropy days we spent some time finding out about Trinidad. I must say we were quite surprised to learn this small town had so much culture. While I was begging for funding, Noemi B Cuervo went around the city after our networking breakfast and began to capture some of that art. Enjoy the pictures, and be as amazed as we were to see a community putting so much emphasis on art. On the other hand the city struggles, like so many, with empty buildings and finding ways to balance their budget to find a good balance. We learned that when cutting usually the music & art programs are the first to go. Sadly we disagree and think when times are tough these are the “feel good things” society needs to make our communities thrive. That’s why we know what we’re doing will make a huge impact, not only in Pueblo but across the State if we have our way and expand our vision.

We made some good contacts and have invited artists to visit our “fun on fifth” St. Brad Askew and Karen Wolfe are two artists who have agreed to make the short 45 min journey to check us out and teach while here.  We look forward to having guest come and visit.

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Janet has a finance background and works as a bookkeeper part-time for BNL Clean Energy Inc. Janet is a strong advocate for social and economic justice, and wants the voice of the people (all people) to be heard. She believes in strong Communities to promote a better future. Her vision is to bring art, music and education to the East Side neighborhood of Pueblo. Janet is on a mission to make 5th St. unique, vibrant and sustainable... through food growth, community programs and a better education for children. She wants everyone "to find their passion" in life.