Tending the gardens and fence painting!

Mike and the kids (from next door) helped in the garden today and they also started painting the iron fence out front.  We managed to scored big on black rustproof paint and perfect timing too. It was also a perfect weather day, so we got stuff done big time! Cage, Chacee, Chelsey and I weeded, transplanted, picked, planted and got all creative in the gardens at the stone house today. Mike started painting the fence, worked on the gate, then sprayed the tough and hard to reach weeds all around the property. Yesterday he built us some awesome wooden planter boxes for our free flowers (from Cyndi). It’s really starting to look so awesome. We ended the day with sliced cucumbers in vinegar, a bowl of chili and some salad. Glen gave us a surprise visit, then joined us for dinner. Everyone was very happy to see him. Noemi, Monica, Amanda and her daughter Addie also joined us. Monica had volunteered at the Rodeo for the past few days. Noemi works full time and Amanda is interning with the health department and volunteering with us in-between. After dinner we enjoyed a game of Mexican train (can’t beat a good game of dominos for all ages).  Because everyone was very tuckered out we finished for the night around 8:30. Glen thought there was too much in girlie talk for him so he departed shortly after dinner, which left us girls giggling and sharing stories. Even Kayla and Che are snoring! Thanks to everyone for making this a great day at Pueblo House! (Janet)

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Janet has a finance background and works as a bookkeeper part-time for BNL Clean Energy Inc. Janet is a strong advocate for social and economic justice, and wants the voice of the people (all people) to be heard. She believes in strong Communities to promote a better future. Her vision is to bring art, music and education to the East Side neighborhood of Pueblo. Janet is on a mission to make 5th St. unique, vibrant and sustainable... through food growth, community programs and a better education for children. She wants everyone "to find their passion" in life.