League of Women Voters Pueblo-Annual Meeting

Tonight was about “Making Democracy Work” with Judge William Martinez as the keynote speaker at the League of Women Voters annual meeting where award winners and nominees were honored.  There was a brief concert prior to the meeting by Anthony Vigil-Martinez who played violin. The standing ovation he received was definitely in order for this young man.

watch Judge Martinez -on democracy-click here

Awards were presented to Cynthia Ayala, Judy Lee, Chris Munoz and Patrick Hurley for their hard work and dedication to making a better Pueblo. The food was prepared by John Valdez with help serving from his wife Eve. The meal was excellent and most went back for seconds on that lovely tapioca dessert. The speech Judge Martinez gave was spot on and I hope to have it up shortly because everyone needs to hear what he has to say…not that it’s news but because it’s delivered with passion and truth.

After the celebrations, members of the LWV stayed on for the board meeting which followed. New members were elected to the board and budgets passed, It was a great meeting! Everyone pitched in to help clean up at the Presbyterian church who graciously hosted tonights event. A great job was done by Dr. Anne Courtright (elected President LWV) who facilitated and mc’d the meeting.