Skate Park Planning for Pueblo


Janet & Dr Courtright

Thursday we enjoyed dinner compliments of Dr. Anne Courtright at Pueblo House. She has been extremely helpful as an early contact providing assistance to the developing community space. Dinner was admittedly a quick eat and run to the meeting, but was wonderfully satisfying.

PUEBLODFLYER1We travelled together after dinner for the Eastside Neighborhood meeting at the library of Risley International Academy of Innovation. Topic of discussion was the new public skate park being built in Pueblo. The Fountain Creek project has a price tag of $2.5 million. The project team is reaching into community along the way to gather ideas that will engage the residents in owning the park. This was the second community meeting regarding the park (1st was on September 18) and residents of all ages were present, quite a few who are eager to get their boards out to shred the park.

Two Draft Plans Presented

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Tito Porrata, of Team Pain

Tito Porrata, of Team Pain


Design engineers and architects from Design Concepts are partnered with the lead designer from Team Pain, Tito Porrata. The park area is 30,000-35,000 square feet with a mix of uses. Some of those include outdoor movies, a market area, and perhaps some gaming area for checkers. Tito discussed the options they were considering more specifically as it relates to skate boarding and BMX biking, occassionally making reference to the Team Pain skate park in Arvada Colorado.

He asked for a show of hands to see who was more interested in more pools versus open ride at the park. About 2/3 of the hands went up favoring ride over bowls. Suggestions came in asking for the former railroad site to be worked into the park’s decor and theme, as well as a request for solar power on shade structures, phone power stations, and internet access. We all know getting footage of a great ride is important and these are features that would make this park stand out as professional grade.

Here is a walk-through video playlist of the Arvada skate park…



The Eastside of Pueblo is about to see a lot of attention as this park goes in. Plans are for December 2014 completion. The new attraction will create a demand from people attending the park for various functions – restaurants, board & bike shop, picnic supplies, and more. This is going to be just a couple streets away from our Pueblo House locations.

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