Senior Planet offer to seniors


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Senior Planet celebrates aging by sharing information and resources that support aging with attitude, and helps people who were born long before the digital revolution to stay engaged and active by bringing a digital-technology focus to a range of topics … Continue reading

A little inspiration


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Today we got some inspiration and decided since we were on the edge anyway…why not go all the way?   So now, we must have the most unique sidewalk.  The kids & I painted the sidewalk yesterday, but we didn’t … Continue reading

PTown is alive and kick’n

Pueblo House is holding an open house on Wed. June 4th @ 5:30 p.m. for neighbors and friends to bring their ideas on what they see for the Eastside. Apparently the city has money for revitalizing 4th St. and we feel the residents should have lots of input. We’re seeing something different for this area. A creative zone with lots of art, bright, funky & cheery. If you agree, and are in the area please join us in PTown/Pueblo House 816-824 E 5th St. for a fun gathering and brainstorming of artists and musicians. Hope to see you there!

League of Women Voters Pueblo-Annual Meeting


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Tonight was about “Making Democracy Work” with Judge William Martinez as the keynote speaker at the League of Women Voters annual meeting where award winners and nominees were honored.  There was a brief concert prior to the meeting by Anthony … Continue reading

CPC remembers 100 yr Anniversary of Ludlow Massacre

Attended a great meeting tonight with CPC (Colorado Progressives). The topic was based on the 100 year anniversary of the Ludlow massacre.

Ludlow Massacre details – click here

The coal miners had very little in the way of protection from big corps who used them like slaves and when they fought back many died including women and children who were burned alive. It’s a sad thing to think how this kind of thing can happen but really…are we all that much more civilized today? Crazy stuff still goes on in the name of big money influence and corps who can buy whatever, including slave labor (let’s call it that when a company earns ginormous profits and pays so little to its people). Continue reading